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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  February 7, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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start. >> i am honored to appear before you today as the president's nominee to -- . >> would you hold, please. >> reporter: cia director nominee john brennan was interrupted several times by members of the protest group code pink. >> pakistan, somalia and who else. >> please remove that woman -- >> capitol police clearing the room of protestors before the hearing resumed. >> mr. brenan, congratulations on your nomination. as can you see, it's going to be lively. >> reporter: john brennan is the white house chief adviser on homeland security and can't irterrorism, essentially in charge of killing al qaeda terrorists. today, meeting with members of the senate intelligence committee. >> we've heard a lot in recent months about al qaeda being dismated and on the run, it's by no means destroyed. >> reporter: he grew emotional when talking about the chief bomb maker for al qaeda in the arabian peninsula and his plan last year to blow up a u.s.
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airliner, like one of his disciples tried on christmas day 2009. >> senator, i live this ever day and night. i go to bed worrying i didn't do enough that day to make sure i protect american people. so come justice is brought, it will be because of the work done the past few years by break americans. >> reporter: brenan point is most of his career -- spent most of his career in the cia and picked to lead the agency four years ago and you're his nomination after questions about his role in the bush administration's alleged use of waterboarding and other forms of torture on suspected terrorists held by the cia. >> it's something that should have been banned log ago and never should have -- longing on and never should have been take know place. it would never be brought back. >> reporter: senators are questioning brennan about the use of drone strikes to kill al qaeda terrorists who happen to also be american citizens.
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>> taking the fight to al qaeda is something every member of this committee feels strongly about. 's the idea of giving any president unfittered power to -- unfettered power to kill an american without checks and balances that is troubling. >> the president insisted that any actions we take will be legally grounded, will be thoroughly anchored in intelligence. >> reporter: senator white there is a democrat from oregon. just this morning, some committee members but none of the staff, were briefed on the administration's rationale for killing citizens overseas and on that score, brennan was told if confirmed, his c ia better be more open and cooperative in its dealings with congress,. iran released footage of what is believed to be a cia drone flying in afghanistan. iranian authorities took control of the drone and lapped
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it in 2011. the leaders claim it malfunctioned and crashed. it made claims it can reverse engineer the drone and is capable of launching its own production line of unmanned aircraft. leon panetta was on the hot seat ask asking question -- seat asking questions. they failed to provide adequate security last saint when am-- last september when ambassador stevens and three others were killed in benghazi. >> the interagency response was timely and appropriate, but there was not enough time given the speed of the attack for armed u.s. military assets who have made a difference. >> panetta said, have an though the pin doesn't have primary responsibility for security, it works with the state department and is now making changes. chuck hagel's nomination to be the next defense secretary remains on track, have an
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though republicans demanded more information about his dealings and a vote was put on hold yesterday. the senate armed committee services decided to postpone the vote. they still expect hagel will be confirmed. >> a nasty nor'easter barreling towards the northeast. we can start getting a light wintery mix tonight. sue has more. >> reporter: we're not going to get the nasty part of that storm but it's going to be historic from new england and new york city and boston. that is the brunt of it. locally? and let me start with radar. we're watching two systems that will be one big storm off of the east coast and too far north. we will get a bit of rain later tonight and as that precipitation pushes north, it might be cold enough in some areas to begin as a mix of sleet, snow, or freezeing rain and as that happens, 11, 12:00, might be later than that, we have advisories going into
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affect in this area. the blizzard warnings in log island, massachusetts, connecticut, rhode island and that is going to be a terrible and big story there and they rushing to get provisions and to prepare for power outages. we'll get the light wintery mix and frederick county, many points north and west from there and that i have the winter weather advisory and this is not a huge problem for us and i think as this winds do you, it could end up with -- winds down, it could end up with an accumulation. and there is lot to keep track of and we'll keep everything here in a bit. >> and can you track it yourself. a remindder, if you can't get it on tv, we're streaming the newscast live on your cell phone. at 6, the deli shop owner whose business was firebombed out of the hospital tonight and suffered life-threatening
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injuries on richmond highway and lorton yesterday morning. they were not sure if the devise was carried inside but it appears to have detonated inside the shop. no arrests made, causing $100,000 in damage. the head of the national rifle association is confident congress will not pass an assault weapon's ban or put a limit. he spoke in denver and believes that all congressional attempts to enact new gun control measures will fail and that a about ther solution is to enforce the hundreds of gun laws already on the books. >> a tradition dating back decades. president obama attended the annual national prayer breakfast in northwest d.c. at the washington hilton. >> we come together because we're a people of faith. we know that faith is something that must be cultivated. pay is not a possession. faith is a preface.
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>> and that, haven't brings together a group of politico and other leaders. and just ahead, joining the fight to end human trafficking. the renewed efforts to protect children from predators and then a trip to the grocery store. how a new food labeling mandate may mark up some of your favorites. >> and coming up, we hear from john wall on the team's run of dominance against the top dogs and they met four days ago and they clash again in pittsburgh. and what charms has adam oates made with the team this time around. that is straight ahead. 
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todays the department of education and homeland security joined forces to discuss increased efforts to discuss human trafficking and child exploitation. and according to the national cent for missing and exploited children, at least 100,000 children across the country are sexually exploited each year and 46% forced into
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prostitution. the research shows one in five girls and one in continue boys will be sexually victimized before adulthood. the obama administration made efforts to combat human trafficking and joining us is the director of the u.s. department of education office of safe and healthy students. thank you for coming in. >> thank you for inviting me. >> and one in 25 girls, that signs high. how do you define this january ray of exploitation? >> that exploitation takes many forms, including child pornography and human trafficking and into prostitution. it's a significant problem. >> and how does human trafficking affect schools? >> in a number of ways. it affects the girls and boys directly trafficked and it has a negative impact on the school climate. >> and how would someone who is watching this identify a victim
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of human traffic something. >> there are warning signs. some seen are young people showing up with a lot of expensive clothes, jewelry, and wads of cash. older boyfriends or girlfriends and as well as being out of up to, tacking about trips they have taken. june -- talking about trips they have taken. >> unexplained absences from school, chronically runs away from home, talks about frequent travel to other cities, exhibits bruises, hungry or malnourished in the need of medical care and how do those specifically relate to child sexual exploitation versus, you know, neglect? >> they may not and this is one of the quandries schools are in and that is some of the warning signs for trafficking and they're for other behaviors and what we provide is to air on the side of inquiring and referring the individual to the proper authorities.
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>> and any upside to take away from breaking today -- your briefing today? >> the upside, the obama administration has virtually every federal agency tooing -- doing something to assist in this year-over-year area and is talking the issue seriously. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> new tonight, the senate set to pass a reauthorization of the violence against women act. it would broaden the measure to protect gays, immigrants and american women. it was rejected last year in the house due to ambitious language. a final -- final vote is expectd this year. coming up, supermarkets cry foul as the fda propiece errors a new food label -- proposes a new food labeling rule and may make consumers pay the price. h . >> a celebrity surprise for a group of high schoolers in new
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give it wifi. yes! make it fit 5 people. no, 5 actual sized people. give them leg room, good. destroy boring car interiors forever. and that's how you do it. easy. ♪ it began as a way to provide nutritional information to restaurants. it's not stopping there. >> reporter: most were on board with requirements stemming from the new healthcare law, requiring them to provide nutritional information on their menu. when the food and drug administration decided to extend the mandate to many supermarkets and convenient stores in the form of a new federal regular leg, the store honers were alarmed. >> -- owners were alarmed. >> they would be burdensome. >> reporter: thousands would be forced to label unpackaged
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foods and like those found in a salad bar, hot soups -- soups and the favorite bakery items. they estimate it would cost retailers $1 billion in just the first year. >> and the superintendent industry is a businessstra is well-known that -- business industry is well-known and that has been forever 1% profit. and when you incur significant costs, there is no way that that doesn't get past down to the customer in some form. >> reporter: and there are stiff penalties. >> if you get it wrong, get this: it's a federal crime and you could face jail time and thousands of dollars worth of fines. >> the fda said, quote, the information should help consumers limit excess calorie intake and understand how the foods they purchase at the establishments fit within their dailyicallorric and other nutritional needs. the fda received hundreds of public comments on the proposed regulation and will consider them before issuing a final role, which the agency said will include the economic analysis.
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in washington, shannon breen, fox news. fast food restaurants are benefiting from serving lower calorie dishes. they found french fry sales fell from 2006-2011. and restaurants are offering more lower calorie options on drinks. and restaurants who didn't, saw a 16% drop. next year, a new federal regulation will require chain restaurants to post calorie counts. >> we have quite the storm on your hands. >> and that confidence incomes when the model agree and they agree that maybe not at the exact geographic area, but one it two feet of snow. >> and snow, is on the southern end of that and probably in the six to 12 and there is a lot to watch and this is a glancing blow. we're going to be a little bit too far south and when this
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system gets its act together and that is good news or bad news but when you see the pictures out of new england, you will feel thanksful. first of all, we're saying this is not going to be a big snowstorm for us and that is a close call for the area and we will -- what we'll get is the moisture from the south and that can be a morning mix of sleet and rain and there is some winter weather advisories. and that mix of rain, sleet, and freezeing rain may linger along the i-81 corridor and in that mason-dixon line and it willen, probably dry hours tomorrow afternoon and as the storm cranks off of the coast, it could throw in light snow and some accumulating snow for us and that is another part of
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the story we'll watch. how much did we get out of that? we'll see another run of the models and i would say a small a couple leg and this is what is going to happen. the storm system is going to deepen off of the new jersey coast tomorrow night and when that does that, there will be spots in new england getting snow at a rate of two to four inches per hour and a lot of moisture is thrown back in there and in that purple -- purple, that is going to be blizzard conditions and could include portions of new york, long island and into connecticut, rhode island, and massachusetts. the rest of us with some snow and some breaks and perhaps a bit of snow to end it all and some light rain as well. the heaviest is to the south and east when it gets going around here and it sneaks into down later and roughly late tonight to midnight and while there are extensive warnings, loudoun county, frederick county, northern faulkier, a
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heavy winter weather advisory beginning at midnight and ending at 10 in the morning and for that wintery mix that might create a couplof slick spots here and there. the district not in it and some temperatures should be warming up and anything that falls is not able toar cumulate and uck get a crusty coating and to under an each. -- an inch. at midnight, to the south and notice it's the northern fringes at 7 in the morning that get this and, by the way, the heaviest rain again 96es -- mixes d.c. the storm is off of the coast and watch that back in and that is in to some mountains at 6:00 and moving across our area between 9 and midnight and we'll watch to see if we get anything out of that. once we're through friday night and saturday, saturday a going to be mighty windy and very cold with some winds shifting 15 to 25 out of the northwest and can gust to 45 in the
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mountains and 50, 50 degrees on sunday and on to monday with rain showers and including into the end of the week including valentine's day and fairly storm free with a chance of a shower here and there. brian. the washington redskins, should they change their name? critics say the name is racist and demeaning. others say it's part of a rich tradition. the issue is debated at a special symposium at the smithsonian american indian museum. tell us your thoughts, washington redskins, offensive name or part of tradition? search for my fox d.c. and coming up what, got into the wizards lately? the return of john wall. and scott smith has the sports edge and the image on your right, what jay leno was hoping for to re-create the magical moment from the go daddy commercial during the super bowl last night. and up stead of getting israeli model bar rafaely, leno ended
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time for sports. the wizards are 8-7 and since the return of john wall. they may not be able to climb back to 500, but at the current pace, they can get to 30 wins this year, the most since the '07-'08 season. wall led the wizards with 21 points, a 106-96 win over the knicks and check out this spin move and the lane. wall has been a spark plug for this offense. nine assists last night and they earned a reputation as giant killers. >> and that was not the best game. year. everyone's going is to pack out of the house. you fight and give yourself a chance or get blown out. and -- that chance. i think we, it doesn't matter ear just a shot of bobcats,
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anybody that is not having a good season. we plan hard and know those are the types of games and give ourselves a chance and we know the play-offs are far changing and probably 12, 14 games from that and you never know what can happen. >> acc rivalry, the terps lookst conference road win against the likeys at 9:00 and met on january 5th. maryland pounded virginia tech by 23 back then and mark turgeon is not allowing his team to look past anyone, especially virginia tech. >> and no game is easy. our league is so much better than last year and i didn't think it was close. i don't think it's close how much better. i know there is no north carolina, i keep saying it and there is not a bad team in our league, especially at home and that is -- and sometimes it can show up and win. >> the caps have the fewest points in the nhl stuck on 5 and they will try to breakthrough against the penguins.
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ironically, the caps got their sixth point of the year last year in pittsburgh. the difference, that was in the third game of the year and tonight, game 10. the caps 2, 7, and 1 on the season and with a physical meeting four days ago. surrendered a hat trick in the 6-3 loss is come tonight, michael noibert is in goal for the caps, 2-0 and 2. the puck drops at 7:00. monterey bay off of the coast of pebble beach and that is the site of at&t pro-am and lying up this punt. a little stereo too strong on this one and playing with that notre dame coach and this is about bill murray, anyway and russell knox is the current leader at 6-under par and finally, greg williams is re- enstated by the nfl and joins
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the tennessee titans. and down to shawn yancy for a look at what is coming up at 10. shawn. [ indiscernible ] scernie ] . >> unfortunately, she doesn't have her mic. looks look we'll be talking about the red skins and problems at local airports and train stations. over to sue palka with a last look at the forecast. >> i need to talk about this more. tomorrow's going to be a changeable day here and wintery in the morning to light rain and could end as snow before the weekend gets here. >> back here at 10. the news edge at 11. hope you will be, too.   
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